Trump Ducks Down as Paraglider comes for Him in Scotland

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in the UK on Friday the 13th to protest Donald Trump’s arrival, to make connections with Prime Minister Theresa May because we know the US and UK have ties that go far beyond figurehead presidents and prime ministers.

Although we know most of the people who attended the protests probably fail to understand the fact that Trump is just another representative of the same system that does nothing good for the people at all, a hilarious thing happened during the time of this protest.

A paragliding protester representing Greenpeace flied a paraglider very close to Trump, with a big banner that read “Trump: Well Below Par.” He flew it directly over Trump’s own gold resort in Turnberry, Scotland just as he was entering his hotel on the evening of Friday.

Despite the fact that people were working hard to keep all that away from the presidential party, the paraglider flew straight past police snipers, in front of the hotel and apparently directly in the view of the president.

Greenpeace is a pretty big organization and to slightly undermine the rebelliousness of the protest, the organization alerted police to the fact that it would be taking flight in advance of the event.

A spokesman for Greenpeace, Ben Stewart said:

“[UK Prime Minister] Theresa May should not have dignified Trump with a visit to the UK. The vast majority of British people are appalled by his words and deeds. He is, simply, the worst president ever. That’s why we flew over him with a message branding him well below par.”

Law enforcement are still reportedly looking for a suspect, for the person who flew the aircraft who has not been identified.

This kind of protest grabs attention, but do any of these people actually understand the root of the problem?

All these people protesting Trump may fail to realize that Obama was just as much of a tyrant, figurehead, and so was Bush. They fail to realize Tony Blair and Theresa May are figureheads just the same, and behind the scenes, much more powerful people who we rarely get to see or hear about at all run things, as one could phrase it.

Trump is continuing the same war in Syria that Obama carried out, and it wasn’t the idea of either of them. How much is it going to take before people realize this is really all part of a seamless agenda, that has nothing to do with the figurehead of president?

Here’s a hint: Henry Kissinger is the type of person who actually controls things.

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